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What age is the Safety Town camp designed for?
Safety Town is designed for children entering Kindergarten in the upcoming fall; whether at an elementary school or home schooled. Children younger or older are not permitted to register. Children are expected to listen, follow instructions, and be respectful.

When is Safety Town?
July 8 - 12, 2024 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. On the first day of camp, children should begin arriving at 8:15 a.m. for check-in.

What is the cost?
$150. This includes a t-shirt that your budding Safety Citizen will wear each day at Safety Town.

Do parents stay with the child at Safety Town?
Parents are asked to drop children off and to return promptly at the end of the session. Parents will be given the opportunity at the end of the week, on Friday, to participate in a closing ceremony at 11:10. At that time we will review the week and celebrate your child’s becoming a Safety Citizen!

Is there a Closing Ceremony?
Yes, Friday from 11:10 - 11:30. We will review the week and celebrate your child’s hard work!

Do budding Safety Citizens need to bring anything to the program?
Yes - a positive attitude and appropriate clothing as time will be spent outside. Your budding Safety Citizen will wear their Safety Town t-shirt each day. Closed toe shoes and a filled water bottle with your child's name on it are required.

How many Safety Citizens will be at camp?
Sixty. Safety Citizens will be in groups of 15 with four teen counselors per group. Your child will be assigned the same counselor each day.

Will snacks be served?
Yes, a light snack will be served daily. Indicate any food allergies on your registration and confirm at check-in the first day of camp. The Directors have children with food allergies and are focused on allergy-free snacks.

What is the drop-off/pick-up process?
Parents and/or caretakers are expected to drop each child off a maximum of five minutes before the camp and they are expected to pick-up each child at the designated end time. Only individuals listed at the time of registration will be permitted to leave with the child. A photo ID must be presented upon pick-up each day.

What is the discipline policy?
For the protection and well being of all participants, children must be able to follow simple
instructions. Inappropriate behavior and/or negative language and attitude may be grounds for dismissal from the camp. Dependent upon the nature of the behavior, parents will be notified to discuss appropriate measures and possible dismissal of their child from Safety Town. 

What happens if my child gets sick or injured in the program?
If your child gets sick or injured during the program, you will be contacted immediately. In the event of a serious illness or injury, emergency services will be called to respond. It is imperative we have parents contact information to communicate with you.


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