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Safety Town is a one week summer experience that introduces safety awareness to incoming
kindergartners in a fun and entertaining way using a child-sized mock ‘town’ where children
explore by riding tricycles and walking to learn about pedestrian, bicycle, and traffic safety.

Every day brings new adventures where campers learn how to be safe at home, outside, and in
the community. In addition to the Directors, Teacher and Sheriff Deputies, the Safety Town staff
includes volunteer teen counselors who will assist in leading the program. Children will be in groups and have the same teen counselor each day to get that personal attention. During camp children will learn how to distinguish the difference between safe and unsafe when confronted with potentially dangerous situations.

Community Safety Professionals will visit to introduce themselves in their roles, teach various
safety skills, and show our Safety Citizens the equipment they use. Along with our partner, St
Johns County Sheriff’s Office, guests include firefighters, water safety specialists, paramedics,
and our school district bus safety personnel. Games, songs, stories and art projects will
reinforce the lessons the children learn.

The program consists of Lesson Time, where they learn and review the lesson of the day; Town
, where they learn and practice pedestrian rules and safety in a miniature model town with
streets, sidewalks and buildings; Visitor Time, where Community Safety Professionals visit to teach various safety skills, introduce your child to those who will help them, what they do and the equipment they use and Play Time, where students reinforce what they learn through arts, stories, games and multimedia.

The safety skills are focused on these topics: stranger danger, trusted adult, pedestrian, bike, gun, poison, fire, bus, water (pools and beach), animals and personal. Your child will know your phone number and address by the end of the week.

Safety Town finishes the week with our Safety Citizens taking a bus ride so they can practice
the skills they’ve learned and be ready for their first day of school! A short closing ceremony will
celebrate all of their hard and fun work!

July 8 - 12, 2024
8:30 - 11:30

Crosswater Community Church
211 Davis Park Rd., Ponte Vedra Beach

On Friday, July 12, please plan to join us for a closing ceremony from 11:10 - 11:30.

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