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Michaele Harried

Michaele Harried has a passion for her family and the youth in her community. She and Kevin have two teenagers. While raising their children she has consistently served in the lives of children wherever she has lived: from a tutor for children in Cabrini Green (projects of Chicago) to Director of Vacation Bible Schools for 180 children in Wisconsin to two year terms of serving as President of the Parent Teacher Organization- twice- once for K-8 in Wisconsin and most recently for Ponte Vedra High School. Michaele has wanted to establish Safety Town in our community for awhile. Her son, Jack, participated in Safety Town in Wisconsin and it made a huge impact in his approach to every day life. She wants parents and children in our community to have that same gift that she and Kevin had with Jack. Ponte Vedra Beach has been their home since 2010.


Michelle Purdy

Michelle Purdy is mother to four children: Kyle, Mikayla, Madison and Evan. She and her husband, Kevin, are college sweethearts and moved to Florida from Fredericksburg, VA in 2017. Together they started a life insurance company and run their office in Ponte Vedra Beach. Michelle is an active member of the Ponte Vedra Woman’s Club serving the youth in St. Augustine through the SAYS program and other charitable organizations. As a mother of four she sees a need to teach safety concepts in a fun and interactive way. Safety Town is memorable and will teach lessons the children will use the rest of their lives.


Shanna Smith

Shanna Smith’s 20-year pharmaceutical industry career has revolved entirely around safety and wellness. Shanna started her career in the laboratory as a chemist, testing pharmaceuticals to ensure drug safety. Currently she is working in a leadership position, where she has overseen clinical trial operations for the past 14 years as the Director of Clinical Operations for an international organization devoted to creating clinical programs for FDA approval on a vast array of therapeutics. Her lifelong inspiration for safety is coming together now in the form of her involvement in introducing Safety Town to the community. Thanks to her family members who are first responders, who have served decades in police, rescue and fire departments, she can help translate their efforts into training lessons for our budding Safety Citizens through this camp. A Pennsylvania native and an alumna of the University of Pittsburgh, Shanna has called Ponte Vedra Beach her home since 2012 along with her husband, Jamie, and daughter, Sienna.

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Marissa Harried, Co-Founder

Marissa attends the University of Alabama. Her goal in co-founding Safety Town was to help make kids in our community feel safer, to empower them in their daily lives and to make a genuine impact in their lives.

Marissa was awarded the coveted Sheriff's Coin for Outstanding Community Service by Sheriff Robert Hardwick.


Madison Purdy,Co-Founder

Madison attends the University of Florida. The safety of children in her community is very important to her which is why she is thankful to have this opportunity to teach kids how to be safe and more aware for the rest of their lives.

Madison was awarded the coveted Sheriff's Coin for Outstanding Community Service by Sheriff Robert Hardwick.

Safety Town Education Director


Jenifer Consunji

Jenifer Consunji is a mother of two sons and a seasoned educator with more than 25 years experience as the lead teacher in primary classrooms grades one through three.  In addition, she worked extensively in Pre-K and Kindergarten settings as an aide and a substitute teacher. Due to her husband’s military career, Jenifer’s education includes credentialing in multiple states, a Masters of Science in Instructional Leadership, and certifications in Reading Education, Responsive Classroom, Glasser ChoiceTheory, and an Early Childhood Certification in Florida.  The safety and well being of all students has been her highest priority at school, on field trips, and has been an integral part of every curriculum.  She has volunteered with the Red Cross, the USO, and Adult Literacy. She enjoys volunteering for BEAM Thrift stores and the Ponte Vedra Woman’s Club charitable organization.  Jenifer, her husband, and their dog 'Pearl' reside in Jacksonville Beach.   


Marissa Harried, Sheriff Robert Hardwick and Madison Purdy. 

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