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We are excited that you are considering volunteering your time and talents for the benefit of the youngest in our community! Safety Town is a one week summer experience that introduces safety awareness to Kindergarten children in a fun, interactive, miniature town environment.

Read through the website and you'll understand this is a special opportunity for you to be a part of this experience. While Safety Town is newer to our community, it began in the 1960s and there are thousands of Safety Towns around the United States.

On the application form you will have an opportunity to indicate that you would like to be considered for a leadership position on the Youth Leadership Council (YLC). To be eligible, you need to have served at Safety Town already.

What is a Team Leader?
As a Team Leader you will be responsible for working closely with the same 3-4 children, ages 5-6, for the whole week. You will be partnered with 3-4 other Team Leaders and you all will have approximately 15 budding Safety Citizens in your group.  You'll be teaching basic safety skills and concepts under the direct supervision of the Program Directors and the teacher while guiding your team through rotations.

What skills are necessary to be a Team Leader?
Be yourself. Consider if you are sincere, honest, fair, patient, and responsible. Do you love being around kids and like encouraging them to make new friends, try new experiences, and have fun? Do you communicate courteously and effectively with adults? Will you be a team player? Are you a positive role model?

What additional responsibilities will I have? 

Be on time. You'll assist with the set-up and cleanup of the classrooms and facilities used during the camp and you may be assigned additional tasks. Respect the facilities we are using and leave rooms cleaner than how you found them. It is expected that your cell phone will be on airplane mode during camp hours. Additionally, after the week we will ask for your feedback on how to improve Safety Town.

What times will I be expected to be at Safety Town?
Orientation will be scheduled prior to Safety Town. It will be approximately two hours.

July 10 - July 14 from 8:00 a.m. - Noon each day. The camp runs 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

What grade must I be in to volunteer as a Team Leader?
Applicants must be entering 8th grade through 12th grade.

Will I receive Community Service Hours?
Yes. Bring the school community service form to the orientation or first day of camp. You will receive it back on Friday with 30 service hours.

Where is the Safety Town camp?
At Crosswater Community Church near Ponte Vedra High School.

Are there any clothing requirements?
Yes - you'll receive a Safety Town t-shirt at orientation that should be worn each day. Closed toe shoes are required because you are a role model focusing on safety.

How many Safety Citizens will there be?
Sixty to Seventy. 


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