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A Totally Fun Tuesday!

Our morning was filled with adventure! So much so that I will do two posts. Once your child has a rest from the excitement I am sure your camper will have a lot to say about today. I imagine it may take a couple days to talk about it. : )

Today we had visits from our SJC Fire Rescue! Did you know that many firemen are trained as EMTs and vice versa? At least the guys and woman who came today were trained that way! Your child learned and saw a lot today with a Rescue Squad and Big Firetruck visiting Safety Town.

  • A fireman dressed up in full gear, including the oxygen mask, so that if your child is ever in a fire, he or she knows that person is not a 'monster,' but a rescuer to help!

  • Your child may talk about a cool gadget that opened or closed, or you may hear about the "Jaws of Life". That is the instrument firemen use to pry doors open or to make something close. They saw and even touched a 'diamond blade' saw used to cut steel or concrete. "Oh my!" is what I thought, but the diamond blade means it is not sharp to the touch, but only once the engine goes does the saw cut. (Who knew?!)

  • As your child walked around the fire engine, the campers were invited to climb on up and walk through the fire engine to climb back down the other side.

  • So if all that wasn't great enough, the firemen definitely caught your child's attention by giving each camper the opportunity to spray a fire hose at an orange cone!

Any potential firemen in our camper crew after today?

The SJC Fire Rescue brought an ambulance today too. The highlight for the campers was climbing up into the inside, looking around at all of the equipment inside, asking any questions they wanted to the EMT and then jumping out the back (carefully!).

We then had a visit from Dr. Lexi Romero from Optimal You Wellness Center. Dr. Lexi is a functional medicine trained Chiropractor with a thriving practice with her husband, Dr. Tommy, in Ponte Vedra. Dr. Tommy has over 400 hours of training from Palmer Chiropractic College and from the Int'l Board of Chiropractic Neurology in Clinical Neurology. They serve adults and children. We are thrilled they are our organization's first sponsors! (Yes, I wanted to put a plug in for them because they are great practitioners and they were quick to support us in our mission of bringing Safety Town to your family).

Dr. Lexi saw most of the kids today and taught them about common, everyday poisons and choking. Her time was interrupted because we had a surprise visitor! Next post...



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