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Daisy Mae & Thor

Introducing Deputy Melanie and Daisy Mae, the best sniffer and friendliest hound dog around! Today your child first met Deputy Blake (tallest man in picture) and his dog Thor, a trained dog used to catch the bad guys. Thor is a well trained dog, who hears his commands in a foreign language, and obeys every command! Once he went back into the Deputy's cruiser, sweet young Daisy Mae made her entrance. We learned what Daisy Mae does to help people. The campers loved her and even got to pet her!

Not to be outdone, our amazing military did a fly over with their jets! I thanked Captain Tres Edenfield (our SJCSO partner) for arranging that one! He said, "I wish!". What are the odds they flew over Crosswater while we were outside. What fun!

At the end of our time together with Daisy Mae, an urgent call came and Captain Tres, Deputy Blake and Thor had to rush off to catch a bad guy. They ended up catching the guy without incident. What heroes we have in our community!

Your child then learned about gun safety with Deputy Sally. Look up Eddie Eagle gun program and you may see the video your child saw. They were very engaged and may just want to see it again. The motto if your child sees a gun is "Stop! Don't Touch. Run Away. Tell a Grown-Up." Ask them to sing it to you.

After our group discussion about gun safety, your child heard the story of "Officer Buckle and Gloria", practiced some songs, many had fingerprints done (you'll get tomorrow), and worked on a four way stop in Safety Town village!

Another full day of new friends, learning and fun! Don't forget about coming tomorrow for the closing ceremony. It will begin right at 11:00 so come a little early. See you then!



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