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Safety Town Begins!

Meet Deputies Willie, Jeremy and our Safety Town hero Deputy Sally!Your child got up close to the SJCSO's cruisers and motorcycle today. They learned a little about what the Deputies do and the vehicles they use. The campers liked the siren noise and wanted to hear it a third time! Deputy Sally also worked with your child on pedestrian and motor (tricycle) safety in our Safety Town village. Ask your child about "Stop, Look, and Listen." Each day the Safety Town village will look a little different so that your child can practice different pedestrian and traffic skills!

In our Craft Room, your child made a Sheriff cruiser from a shoebox. Many want to take them home and they will- but on Friday! During the week your child will fill them with various goodies.

Your child learned how a helmet should fit on their head (ask your child how many fingers above the eyebrows the helmet should rest) , what happens with the brain when they hit their head (video demo with mannequin), and bicycle safety. Thanks to Danielle from Safe Kids of Northeast Florida for being our Visitor today.

In our Activity Room, your child learned a little about 9-1-1, Red light, green light and heard a story.

It was heartwarming today to see kids encouraging other kids, campers listening and sharing their own stories as well as seeing the smiles on so many faces! We were amazed at how quickly your children acclimated to this new environment!

Thank you for sending your kids to Safety Town! Please make sure they wear closed toe shoes and their Safety Town t-shirt. We will begin to fingerprint kids tomorrow (this is for your family records). Please know the fingerprint ink is permanent (because of need for archival quality) and may stay for a couple days.

We're making adjustments for pick up tomorrow. Thank you for your patience as we ensure your child's safety upon leaving Safety Town. Make sure to plan to be at our closing ceremony Friday at 11:00.

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